An interpretation of Pablo Stanley’s ‘The Design Process’

Stanley rightly says that ‘ We are in the puberty years of User Experience’. UX is such a multi-dimensional field that it is very difficult to define any concept in UX as accurately as we do maybe in Science. The terminology has innumerable interpretations and that’s actually one of the beauty of UX. Let’s dive in a scenario, I see as a perfect representation of this fascinating field.

This complexity of UX is also due to involvement of people from multiple backgrounds coming together in the process of creation. Unlike other jobs, wherein a position of a coder has to be filled in by a coder, a doctor by doctor or a guitarist by a guitarist; User experience designer could very well be a coder, a doctor, a graphic designer, a psychologists, or even a musician, you never know! UX accommodates this diversity of thought and hence is emerging as one of the most exciting areas to work in.

Each individual should know the value of her or his contribution to the field of UX because it is very much essential for the evolution of UX. Embracing your originality and contributing to the creative process is essential. Simply put, everyone should bring their own tiffin-box to the table and share their food.

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