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Project Description


Artist’s Studio

This is my first ever Architectural Design Project. The house is designed for a Sculptor and it comprises of a studio-workshop along with living space. I have used the spaces created within the design to create a graphical representation -2007

Transformation of architectural layouts into graphical compositions

This is a self initiated project, wherein my objective is to present architectural layouts as visually appealing graphics. The idea is to derive and experiment with shapes by tracing and repositioning them in various ways, so as to extract diverse compositions. Various plans from my own architectural projects are used to obtain these designs. This essentially allows study of different formations, shapes and compositions and provides an inspiration for creation of logos, icons, symbols as well as layouts.

– 2011

Designing contemplative spaces: Osho International Meditation Resort, Goa (Thesis Project)

For our final year thesis project, we had to select a topic of our choice, along with a site for construction suitable for the project. We had to then present our design comprising of case studies, concept design and inspiration, development process, architectural layout, building plans, landscaping concepts, construction details and a detailed written report.

The Osho International Meditation Resort is hypothetically proposed on 18 acre land Osho often emphasized to be developed in the vibrant city of Panaji, Goa. significance of the sea, and therefore I selected a sea-shore location. The first inspiration for designing Osho Commune comes from architect Geoffery Bawa, who thinks that buildings should speak the truth and must reflect the honesty of that place. This has inspired the whole appearance of the resort.

Another major concept, which eventually affects the whole planning is Yin Yang theory. In Asian philosophy, the concept of Yin Yang is used to describe how polar opposites or seemingly contrary forces are reconciled in (good) holds only one artificially built structure (bad) and naturally barren land (bad) is filled with a planted tree cover (good). An inter-connected and interdependence in the natural world, and how they give rise to each other in turn. The site is a surprising combination of dense tree cover and barren land, which reflects the same kind of contrast as Yin – Yang. Therefore the natural dense tree cover