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Project Description

Hasfit Mobile Application Redesign

The Task

Redesigning and developing a mobile application. The process involved choosing an app, conducting an audit of the entire app and locate problem areas. The end product was resolving some key user flows and proposing a solution through wireframes, visual designs and a clickable prototype. I selected Hasfit, a fitness app.

Skills Needed

Project Description

Hasfit is a free fitness platform for full length workout videos for all fitness levels. HASfit Interactive Trainer is the most comprehensive
fitness app on the market which includes a thousands of workouts, personal rainer, healthy recipes, predesigned fitness programs. Inspite of having many features, the Hasfit application does not succeed in keeping up with the trend and the design is rather traditional.

The everlasting trend of a healthy lifestyle makes people turn to health apps and I wanted to work on a high demand application in order to get an opportunity to understand what research goes into while catering to such a large audience. The mobile app was redesigned in order to renovate the entire application and make it more trendy and approachable. The users of the application mainly also belong to the categoty who workout at home. I have introduced some new features to keep up with these needs.


How the existing application looks
Analysis of existing application

I selected user flows for the purpose of audit. The first one is an on boarding flow which is important for collecting basic preferences from users in order to give workout recommendations. The other two were based on the content offered by Hasfit, which involves searching for a fitness workout – a primary objective of user and searching for healthy recipes. I studied in detail what are the problems with the application.

User flow 1: On boarding flow
User flow 2 : Completing a workout module
User flow 3: Searching for a recipe


  1. Users can get accustomed to the basic functionality even if the app does not follow any UI guidelines
  2. The trainer and founder is famous amongst users and gains new followers based on the fact that it is a highly engaging and motivating workout
  3. Content rich with a lot of videos and planned workout programs
  4. Good categorization of information
  5. Healthy recipes and meal plans included
  6. Focused and concise content with limited features reducing confusion and disorientation


  1. Primitive design with no considerations to latest UI guidelines.
  2. Readability issues
  3. Content hierarchy not established through design.
  4. Limited amount of interaction within the workout planning, health information input, marking workouts, etc.
  5. YouTube videos linked and it draws the advertisements into the app, database not created within the app.
  6. A few screens look like non-responsive website screens.
Competitive analysis

Knowing what successful fitness applications are doing is very vital. I undertook analysis of Nike Fitness and Freeletics, because these applications are quite popular. In order to understand how they have approached the design of their apps I used these applications for a couple of days.

Fitness applications form an integral part of a users routine and providing motivation and inspiration is very critical to retain engagement. It is interesting to see how design can affect motivation of a user to exercise.

Nike Fitness+Training

Bodyweight – Freeletics


Hasfit caters to a large audience and mainly users who don’t go to gyms, workout at home or need a guided workout routine and meal plan. I have created three personas each performing a specific activity on the app and marked their challenges. Later in the design I have tried to solve these issues.

Persona 1 : Looking for high intensity workouts
and Evelyn’s existing journey map

Persona 2 : Looking for scheduled workouts
and Alisha’s existing journey map

Persona 3 : Looking for workouts and meal plan
and Michael’s existing journey map

Solution :

Ideation and sketching
Proposed design concept