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Project Description

Incredible India – Website Redesign Project

The Task

Redesigning and developing a website. The process involved choosing a website, conducting competitive analysis, content audit and presenting a solid case for recommending a redesign. We also had to make wireframes, create visual designs and code the website. I selected ‘Incredible India’, a tourism website. https://incredibleindia.org/

Skills Needed

Project Description

What is Incredible India?

‘Incredible India is an initiative started by the government of India to promote international tourism. The current website offers array of information ranging from places to visit, history of India, travel bookings, events which indicate immense variety of content. After conducting a thorough analysis of the website based on site navigation, visual appearance and readability, I found that the experience is inefficacious.

The website was re-designed to reflect a diverse and vibrant India, through the use of vivid colors, fine photography and ethnic motifs. This was the first project wherein I designed and coded the website. The content and imagery was selected carefully to make it look authentic.


Current website analysis : Visual design analysis
Current website analysis : Content Audit

The visual design analysis and content audit revealed a lot of discrepancies. There is a lack of consistency in UI elements and the imagery. The website is burdened with a lot of information which gets either buried or the user gets redirected to other websites. The experience of moving away from the website at every other click is not pleasant.

Why Redesign?
Business and market growth

To increase rank in all categories

To improve visitor engagement

To enhance global appeal

Design and usability issues

Offer a better navigation and exploration experience

Make a comprehensible design

Create an attractive and appealing design

Design process: How I started redesigning?

Content Classification
Persona and journey mapping

This is Martha, a fashion photographer from Berlin.

She’s planning to go location hunting in India for her photography assignment. She wishes to visit different places; but the hassle of managing flights, hotel bookings and getting city related information is overwhelming. She doesn’t know where to start and visits ‘Incredible India’ website.

Visual design process
Design decisions

HICKS LAW : By limiting choices, the user is offered easy comprehension of content.

ALIGNMENT : Grid structure followed throughout the website.

DESIRED PATH : Easy and direct navigation by reducing unwanted content and directing with focused options.

CONSISTENCY : The fonts, icons, styling, grid structure , iconography is maintained throughout the website


USE OF IMAGERY : Selection of images was vital to create a diverse and authentic look.

WHITE SPACE : Colourful imagery forms the main content of the website, hence ample white space has been used to create balance

VIBRANT COLOURS : The diversity is being reflected through diverse colours and use of rich and striking photography.

TYPOGRAPHY : The selection of typefaces is done keeping in mind the intricacies of Indian culture and offer an elegant look.

Using and drifting away from hero image

Based on all the competitive analysis I conducted, I happened to notice that the ‘Hero image’ on the landing page was a common design decision. The probable reason is capturing user’s attention through beautiful images. I wanted to see if I can design a website without using a hero image and started exploring possibilities during wireframing. Although finally, I decided to go with a hero-image since it was in alignment with the further visual design development.

Wireframes and Visual Design Iterations

Proposed redesign :  Visit here

All photographs credited to the photographers who clicked them
User testing and survey

I had designed 15 pages of the website, hence the questions and the testing was based around few clickable parts of the website. I made users rate their experience of locating these pages and also make recommendations. It revealed that users were very delighted by the visual design however faced a few challenges in finding some of the pages. This was a good first experience of testing and knowing user’s expectations.

User testing findings and recommendations

How was the over all experience? Any feedback? If there were any errors or
distortion, or anything else. Please comment.

  • Overall experience was good.Website is user friendly. It was easy to find information about and navigate through this website.
  • Out of the 15 pages chosen, could’ve chosen a few other ones which are important in the sense that they are the ones more likely to be visited by users than the existing ones.. other than that, gorgeous design, aesthetically superlative and brilliant selection of images. The honorable prime minister should definitely get to see this.
  • Very clean and visibly appealing website. Easy to navigate with plenty of content. The website had a very cultural feel. The overall visuals and navigation of the website works wonderfully. Yet I felt the layout needs to be worked on. I cannot find certain tasks assigned to be easily and took a fair amount of time to figure where they might be.
  • Very wonderful website with lots of colors which catches the user’s eye. The website gives loads of information about all the cities in India in various aspects namely art, culture, food etc. Can be made more user friendly