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Project Description

Pollitical – Unbundling a feature

The Task

The objective of this task was to find an existing app and a feature that can be unbundled to form an entirely new digital solution. 

Skills Needed

Project Description

‘Pollitical’ is a polling application unbundled from Upvote and Downvote feature of Reddit. I created a solution which can act as a quick polling survey for helping citizens interact on local issues. Users are able to share their opinions related to government policies, local matters, social developments and any such civic issues. It is a simple system where people can raise their concerns or participate in campaigns as also join discussions, thus be a part of a change and movement. 


Unbundling upvote/downvote feature from Reddit

I had to pick from a massive tech product and select one functionality, to convert into standalone application. Reddit, with it’s million users, has a peculiar feature of Upvote and Downvote. This feature is extracted and unbundled to form ‘Pollitical’.

Why quick polls?

It’s democratic.

People ask great questions.

Engagement is a key goal.

To increase interaction.

Design Process: How I executed the concept

Affinity Diagramming

I conducted a small interview to know more about people’s opinion about giving reviews in general and whether people are interested in responding to surveys. I inquired which topics interest them for polling online and what were their main motivations. What I learned is that the users were mainly interested in less time consuming surveys and reviews and I captured this concept while designing the solution.

Primary user flow
Tanmay uses Pollitical to answer polls

Tanmay is an business man. He has a busy schedule, but he likes to take time out to contribute to the well being if his community. He actively participates in discussions and meetings pertaining to the functioning of his local government, and considers it his duty as a citizen.

Because of his busy schedule though, it’s not possible for him to be a part of all the meetings and discussions that are held, and wishes he had a way he could make his opinion known even if he could not be present in person.

Shilpa likes to ask tough questions on Pollitical

Shilpa  is a working professional and a mother of two. She is an active member of her local political party. From a young age, her parents instilled in her a sense of duty, as they themselves were quite politically active themselves. A part of her job in the political party is to gather public opinion. She usually does this by setting up stalls at community gatherings and having people answer surveys about issues like public health, sanitation, roads etc. While this is effective, she feels her audience is limited to those people who have the time to attend these community gatherings. Shilpa wishes there was a way she could connect with a wider audience and get their insights on all these important issues.


Prototype & Visual Design

Government organizations can take a review/confirmation of new policies by quick polls, where people can offer their opinions via upvote/downvotes. In addition, citizens can initiate discussions by raising questions on new projects.

      Features :

  1. Select topics that interest you.
  2. Swipe right or left to skim through questions in your city.
  3. Give your opinion through upvote/downvote.
  4. Learn more about the cause, stats, details and engage in conversations.
  5. Start and join campaigns.
  6. Raise questions in the community.
  7. Check your feed and see your impact.
User Testing : Findings and recommendations

A user testing was conducted on usertesting.com to get some insights on navigation, userflow, visual design. There were some interesting revelations regarding the app. Listed below are the top 10 findings from the test.

 1.Nice and clean, easily readable
2. Toning down the colours would help
3. The category selection is a little confusing and could be more evident
4. Animations will increase the interest
5. Opinion confirmation is a good idea
6. Great way to create engagement among people
7. It’s a great way to be informed about local and global issues.
8. The new poll is a little difficult to navigate
9. The colours make it playful and interesting.
10. The navigation for choosing cards is a little difficult to understand.