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Project Description

Storytelling projects

In this class I learnt the traditional language and structure of storytelling and how to combine this with the theories, disciplines, and procedures of producing an interactive project. The storytelling class was divided to cover four aspects – ‘Inform’, ‘Instruct’, ‘Influence’ and ‘Entertain’. Every project was guided by one aspect of storytelling and this was a unique experience. My take away is that understanding the strength on storytelling is key to designing digital experiences.

Designing a solution for a fictional character

Entertain project was the most exciting of all storytelling projects because the digital solution for fictional character was a complete blue sky. This was one opportunity to break out of material guidelines and wireframing.

I chose Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. I love her story and the complex character she has portrayed. She has evolved from a frail oprressed young girl to a powerful and intelligent woman. I have re-imagined how Daenerys can use mobile in her endeavor. I designed a ‘personalized app’ which is essentially a dashboard which contains all information she may need in her conquests.

Instruction Pitch : How to post a photo on Instagram for seniors

I created this project keeping in mind seniors because I felt there are very few videos targeted specially for seniors. This was one humble attempt from my side to bridge the gap and make YouTube content more inclusive as well. I have been a teacher to my mother and hence I felt the need to use this opportunity to create something cool.