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Project Description

Zara – Enhancing in-store customer experience

The Task

We were asked to select two successful businesses and conduct a competitive analysis based on consumer behavior and marketing decisions. Further ahead, we had to select one of these to recommend an improved consumer experience.

Project Description

The project was accomplished as a group and we selected ‘Zara’ and ‘Uniqlo’ – clothing brands. for a comparative analysis. After thorough study we concluded that Zara in-store experience was not aligning with their brand identity. Our further study was thus focused on Zara. 

The Zara store we chose for this project was located in center city, Philadelphia. We visited the store and conducted contextual inquiry, behavioral mapping exercise as also a few interviews to understand user’s needs and habits. We analyzed how the customer moves within the space and how behavior changes through the day. We finally proposed recommendations to improve in-store consumer experience for the Zara store.

Project Details

Skills Needed: