Storytelling projects


Storytelling projects In this class I learnt the traditional language and structure of storytelling and how to combine this with the theories, disciplines, and procedures of producing an interactive project. The storytelling class was divided to cover four aspects - 'Inform', 'Instruct', 'Influence' and 'Entertain'. Every project was guided by one aspect of [...]

Enhancing digital conversations


Digital Experience: Task flow analysis The Task The purpose of the project was to detect a digital interaction where users have trouble navigating, searching or interpreting information and recommend a viable solution to resolve such task flows and thereby script a better digital dialogue. We chose the task of asking [...]

Zara – Customer Experience


Zara - Enhancing in-store customer experience The Task We were asked to select two successful businesses and conduct a competitive analysis based on consumer behavior and marketing decisions. Further ahead, we had to select one of these to recommend an improved consumer experience. Project Description [...]

Hasfit – Redesign of Mobile App


Hasfit Mobile Application Redesign The Task Redesigning and developing a mobile application. The process involved choosing an app, conducting an audit of the entire app and locate problem areas. The end product was resolving some key user flows and proposing a solution through wireframes, visual designs and a clickable prototype. [...]

Pollitical – Unbundling a feature


Pollitical - Unbundling a feature The Task The objective of this task was to find an existing app and a feature that can be unbundled to form an entirely new digital solution.  Skills Needed: Design Categories: 1. UX Design 2. Graphic Design Project Description 'Pollitical' is [...]

Incredible India – Website Redesign


Incredible India - Website Redesign Project The Task Redesigning and developing a website. The process involved choosing a website, conducting competitive analysis, content audit and presenting a solid case for recommending a redesign. We also had to make wireframes, create visual designs and code the website. I selected 'Incredible India', [...]