Emailers & Newsletters


Emailers and Newsletters Max Life Insurance One of the leading life Insurance company in India which offers the best life Insurance plans that include term insurance, Child, retirement etc. Designed newsletters are targeted to attract home makers, retired persons and self employed businessman, towards becoming Insurance agents. -2015 Categories: 2. GRAPHIC [...]



Architecture Artist's Studio This is my first ever Architectural Design Project. The house is designed for a Sculptor and it comprises of a studio-workshop along with living space. I have used the spaces created within the design to create a graphical representation -2007 Transformation of [...]

Social Media Posts


Social Media Advertising This is a part of work done at Digiwale. Facebook posts are designed for promotion of brands on social media. Brands : Digiwale, TJs Brew works (Pitch project for social media advertising), Kailasdham , Indian Artizans , Deccan Fitness, Loco Cabs, Bookhungama. -2015 [...]

Artwork for clothing


Artwork for clothing Sweatshirt for college event The sweatshirt is designed for BNCA Collegeate annual event. The concept is to choose an iconic architectural structure and transform it into an attractive graphic. Here the iconic Taj Mahal  aptly fulfills the purpose. The design comprises of words related to architecture and architectural quotes. [...]

Print Media – Brochure design for Irys Pte Ltd.


Irys Pte. Ltd. Irys Pte. Ltd. creates product solutions for inventory management of jewellery items using next generation auto-identification technologies. I collaborated with a marketing strategist to develop creative ideas for the promotion of new technologies and products. Being in the jewellery inventory management, the target group was people owning large jewellery businesses or [...]